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Hier gibts (unfertige?) Songtexte von mir. Wie bei sowas üblich, ist das ganze eine Art "Dauer-Baustelle", wiederholter Besuch lohnt sich also.

Alle Copyrights zu den Texten liegen bei mir. Weiterverwendung ohne meine ausdrückliche Genehmigung untersagt! Bei Fragen: Bitte mailen oder Kontaktformular im Menu benützen.


- Great old Tree
- Ephemeral Cage *
- 555 - The Number of the Priest NEU

* = in Bearbeitung

Great old Tree
Music & Lyrics: Daniel Hurtado

Verse I
We met on an afternoon, the sun on my skin burned hot,
the paths we followed unequal.
it's power flowed inside me.

PreChorus I
We'll take the world by storm for sure.
Just burning air between our souls.

I stand beneath a great old tree,
I feel your love, I feel it grow.
It covers me, it grounds me strong.
So may it be for evermore.

Verse II
We didn't yet know each other, between our immortal souls,
although I felt your secrets.
a band of trust was woven.

PreChorus II
What once was trust, now is no more.
Appearance changed, no use for words.

Short instrumental

A giant of rock and ice arises from down below.
We'll have to climb it, surpass it's will,
at least die trying and keep the faith.

Chorus x2


Ephemeral Cage
Lyrics: Daniel Hurtado

Verse I (a
I am king of this world, full of power I spread my wings.
See no obstacles there, heading straight to infinity.

Short instrumental I

Verse I (b
Rule supreme in my land, live and death under my command,
[but] I want to go on. Gotta find the place of my dreams.

Chorus (a
King becomes servant,
Humbly kneeling before my life's quest.
King becomes slave,
Kept in an ephemeral cage.

Chorus (b
It forces me, I cannot flee.
I'm pushed to fit where I am wrong.
My search goes on, all peace has gone.
So far's the place where I belong.

Verse II (a
Any doubt has been gone, keep my eyes on the mission's aim.
See the landscape below, keeps on fading away, so far!

Short instrumental II

Verse II (b
Can't stop thinking this thought: „Reach your goal, just succeed, don't fail!“
Still I cannot advance, although farther and farther [I] fly.


555 - The Number of the Priest
Music: Sheen Lyrics: Daniel Hurtado

Verse I (a
“There's a place you gotta know,
has the truth in it's control.
Struck by lightning, dead inside;
No matter what, there's cure in sight.”

Verse I (b
“You are right, come here my son.
Bring your friends, come bring them all.
The more the better, thus you'll have won.
It's about your soul's high call!”

Bridge I
pushing – pulling –
Draw them quite near you!
convincing – converting –
Make them to back you!
speaking – spreading –
Others will join them!
conspiring – controlling –
Heretics extinguished!

555 – no “me”, no “you”, no “he”.
555 – all that's left is “we”.
555 – the house where we all feast.
555 – the number of the priest.

Verse II
God is no man's property,
reigning universally.
A breath in me, a breath in you.
Just judged by what you do.

Bridge II
cleaning – cleansing –
Get rid of Dogmas.
seeking – searching –
Look at your outside.
falling – feeling –
Look at your inside.
completing – combining –
Merge with the great plan.

555 – no “me”, no “you”, no “he”.
555 – all that's left is “we”.
555 – the house where we all feast.
555 – the number of the priest.



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